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Lies we need to stop teaching girls about sex


(in reaction to this garbage-y article)

  • Sex is an inevitable event in a woman’s life.
  • Penetrative sex is an inevitable event in a woman’s life.
  • Sex with a man is an inevitable event in a woman’s life.
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Camille Desmoulins: Citoyens, je demande la parole. 

Levasseur: Je demande que la Convention ne permette pas à Camille de se déshonorer

oh snap


(Camille Desmoulins: Citizens, I would like the floor.

Levasseur:  I ask that the Convention not allow Camille to dishonor himself.)

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Mila Kunis by Tesh for US Marie Claire, July 2014


Mila Kunis by Tesh for US Marie Claire, July 2014

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We came back to Gaza one year ago because my mother was extremely ill (totally blind because of diabetes), and with the Rafah border consistently closed it’s impossible to get someone in her condition to Cairo, let alone to Germany.

Since our return, my children are constantly asking questions. Why don’t kids in Gaza have playgrounds? Why do children play in crowded streets? Why don’t their peers have enough food? It breaks my heart to answer these questions, but at least I know how.

Since the war [latest Israeli assault] started, though, I’m stumped more and more often — and the questions are multiplying. What is happening, Mom? Why are they killing children? (Three of their young second young cousins — Ibrahim, Eman, and Asem — died, along with a pregnant woman and four other children, when Israel fired missiles at their multi-family apartment building. No military target was identified.) Will we die, too? Why do they hate us? Don’t they have children?

Am I supposed to tell them that, yes, we could die at any time from an incoming shell? Surely, I shouldn’t tell them about 19 children of the Abu Jamei family who were killed when a missile fired at one person struck them all as they broke the Ramadan fast one recent evening. How can I explain that, yes, the soldiers who have killed so many children often have children of their own? How can I persuade them that fireworks in Germany signify joy and celebration, while “fireworks” in Gaza cause death?

The most painful question they’ve asked me is a response to our neurotic nighttime habits. One night, I make all three sleep in the same bedroom with us, hoping to increase the odds they’ll survive if a shell hits one of the empty rooms in our house. But then the next night, I’ll separate them, thinking that if I divide my children they won’t all die in an attack. (Unless we’re hit by a half-ton bomb, rather than artillery shell, in which case we’ll all be killed, anyway.)

These are the painful contortions I’d wish on no mother anywhere. Yet mothers throughout Gaza make these decisions every night — and live with the consequences of one ill-fated move. But how am I supposed to answer when Maryam asks, “Why do we sleep somewhere different each night?”

My children, as with all children in Gaza, will need therapy following this carnage. Most, of course, will not receive it. They will enter adulthood remembering these days and the soldiers, F-16s and drones that were heedless of their nighttime cries and terror. Their mothers and fathers — unable to guard their children from these horrors — will need psychological help. And grandparents may have it worse of all, since the midnight terror this month feels terribly like the nights nearly seven decades ago when they were expelled from their homes in what became Israel, never to return.

Wejdan Abu Shammala, “The awful decisions I’ve made to protect my Palestinian children

The Washington Post op-ed. July 30th, 2014.

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Happy birthday, Harry James Potter! July 31, 1980

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5) Hamas hides its weapons in homes, mosques and schools and uses human shields.

This is arguably one of Israel’s most insidious claims, because it blames Palestinians for their own death and deprives them of even their victimhood. Israel made the same argument in its war against Lebanon in 2006 and in its war against Palestinians in 2008. Notwithstanding its military cartoon sketches, Israel has yet to prove that Hamas has used civilian infrastructure to store military weapons. The two cases where Hamas indeed stored weapons in UNRWA schools, the schools were empty. UNRWA discovered the rockets and publicly condemned the violation of its sanctity.

International human rights organizations that have investigated these claims have determined that they are not true. It attributed the high death toll in Israel’s 2006 war on Lebanon to Israel’s indiscriminate attacks. Human Rights Watch notes:

The evidence Human Rights Watch uncovered in its on-the-ground investigations refutes [Israel’s] argument…we found strong evidence that Hezbollah stored most of its rockets in bunkers and weapon storage facilities located in uninhabited fields and valleys, that in the vast majority of cases Hezbollah fighters left populated civilian areas as soon as the fighting started, and that Hezbollah fired the vast majority of its rockets from pre-prepared positions outside villages.

In fact, only Israeli soldiers have systematically used Palestinians as human shields. Since Israel’s incursion into the West Bank in 2002, it has used Palestinians as human shields by tying young Palestinians onto the hoods of their cars or forcing them to go into a home where a potential militant may be hiding.

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make me choose meme  asked: hannibal or the walking dead

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I know that I am sure of myself and my enormous and alarmingly timeless love for you; which will always be.
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One of the most durable paradoxes of white supremacy - the idea that those who are closest to an experience of oppression are its least credible witnesses.

Walter Johnson, Soul by soul: life inside the antebellum slave market
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This is the type of violence—from microaggressions to epistemic violence to emotional/physical violence to enslavement/genocide—that gets justified by asserting that the oppressor is “objective” and “logical” and thereby “credible.” As if there is objectivity in choosing to oppress. As if the emotions of entitlement, indifference, greed or hatred aren’t involved. 

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'then write one' is such a fucking shitty response to the desire for more representation in media

guess what? i write shit that i want to see in media all of the goddamn time

and eight thousand fucking notes on my post is proof i am not alone in this desire

people create these things all of the time

but they are kept quiet, their voices are taken and modified for the status quo

don’t ask us ‘to write one’

ask about what happened after we did and why you’ve never heard of it

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A Russian tank manufacturer has unveiled a new tram design that it plans to start mass-producing in 2015. These beautiful pieces of engineering will hold 190 to 270 passengers and will be able to traverse on even the older, worn out Russian tram tracks.

Read more about the so-called “Batmobile” trams…

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Dean Winchester’s Eight-Step Guide For Making Pop Culture References To Your Friends In The Middle Of Casual Conversation


Hello everybody! Bakasara with our guest of honor Dean Winchester here and tonight we’ll tackle how to insert witty references in the middle of chatting with your buddies and how to behave in front of your friends during casual conversation in general.

For accessibility’s sake, we’ve split this guide in two: easy level for Platonic Friends, and hard level for Totally Platonic Friends (that’s more platonic than Platonic Friends).

P L A T O N I C  F R I E N D S
For our first example, we’ll have Dean letting his Platonic Friend Charlie take charge during a case.


Step 1: Listen attentively to your Platonic Friend talking. Act politely interested in her eyes and nose. You accomplish this by looking at the general space between the aforementioned. Good friend.


Step 2: As she suggests she should do the talking during interrogations, give her the Universal Condescending Look Of Knowing Exactly What She’s Getting At. You are a little shit.


Step 3: Ponder.


Step 4: Look down while striking with your pop culture reference for maximum effect of Step 5. "Lead the way, De Niro". At this point, you have no reason to be particularly emotional about the situation, and the looking down is mainly a set up for what’s coming next.


Step 5: That’s it! Go back to looking at your Platonic Friend and give her the Smug Look you earned via your incredibly witty one liner. All fucking worth it.


Step 6: Look mildly amused. Likely at yourself. Also your Platonic Friend is a very nice person, which is known to make interaction pleasurable.


Step 7: Prolong complacency. That was pretty funny. You're pretty funny. Looks like someone deserves a pat on the back.


Step 8: Go on with your life.

Sounds easy, no?
Next level, then!

Our second scenario sees Dean in the act of giving his Totally Platonic Friend Cas advice on how to score with his lady friend and sending him off to his date. We thought of this because this activity is generally agreed upon to be Very Platonic(TM).

Fundamental premise:
Before you start the eight steps, take these two preemptive steps to make sure the conversation happens with the right mood:

imageStep A: Upon arriving at your destination, show support for your nervous Totally Platonic Friend by sighing a resigned “Okay…”. This should be done with a cheerful expression to show lack of sadness, disappointment and frustration on your part. Like in the picture above. That’s what we have freakin pictures for.


Step B: When he thanks you, offer a wide grin of encouragement. You are as totally excited with the prospect of your friend going on a date as your friend is totally platonic. (This is the right time to mentally contemplate ice cream pit stops you might wanna take later on the road back to the motel, as that much enthusiasm often induces those kind of cravings.)

Now that the atmosphere is just right, the eight steps!


Step 1: While suggesting your Totally Platonic Friend fixes his clothes, look. Just, openly look. Look at his chest. You’re gonna have to take a nice, unashamed look at where he should unbutton. Fuck yeah, that’s your jam. You wanna make sure it’s all still there. Good friend.


Step 2: Your Totally Platonic Friend is being a little over-eager. Don’t fixate on the term ‘over-eager’. Instead, use the occasion to strike with your witty reference. “That’s far enough, Tony Manero”. As you’re saying this, look down with a sheepish expression. Obviously, that is for… Added gravitas, and they can fight you on it.


Step 3: Look flustered.


Step 4: This step is dedicated to taking your time to get back to the topic. You will tipically experience the impression that ‘there’s something you were saying, you’re sure’ and that ‘there’s something you’re supposed to get back to’. Don’t rush it.


Step 5: Now that you’re done being cute, I mean now that you’re done with your clever reference and back on Earth, check the final result with a practical once over.


Step 6: Declare yourself satisfied. Remember: eloquence is of the essence.


Step 7: Give your best Appreciative Look Of Approval mixed with Longing Look. That’s right, your Totally Platonic Friend looks damn fine… Is what his lady friend’s gonna think.


Step 8: Look once more. Just do it, just fucking go for it. Ain’t nobody gonna judge. Just one last time. It’s justified. You’re being thorough in his interest. In fact, you haven’t averted your eyes once while he was fixing his clothes if not to actually blush, you’ve been so thorough. Of course, if you were helping your Platonic Friend pick clothes, you wouldn’t check out the merchandise once. Even when blessing the final result, you’d look strictly at her face, give your thumbs up in sign of approval, and no particularly sweet or longing looks.



But that’s because she isn’t your Totally Platonic Friend. You wanna make reeeeal sure he’s got everything in all the right places. (He does).

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